Monday, September 28, 2009

Stand Up Against Vaccination Tyranny

Here Is An Email I Received Concerning A Rally That Is Taking Place In Albany, NY On Tuesday September 29 In Response To New York State Forcing All Health Care Workers To Take The Swine Flu Vaccine Or Be Fired:

Dear NY Freedom Fighters,

NY State Health Board Issues Mandatory Flu Shot to ALL Healthcare Workers:

The New York State Department of Health issued an emergency regulation in August that requires all health care

workers in hospitals, public health clinics, hospices and in home health care be immunized against seasonal and swine
flu. The issue is that these flu shots are mandatory for these health care workers, and if they do not comply they will

first be suspended, then fired by the end of November. The NY State Nurses Association, representing 37,000 nurses

statewide, is opposed to mandated vaccinations, and they need your help.There is a statewide rally at the Albany

State Capitol on the East steps on Tuesday, September 29th at 10AM-1PM. Buses of nurses will be coming from across

the state in protest of this infringement of our most basic principles of freedom, the liberty of our own bodies. They

will be joined by Campaign for Liberty and other liberty groups as well as other unions and health care groups that

just recently we have been debating on the Health Care issues. This is an opportunity to work together to stop the

destructive precedence of the state forcing vaccines into our bodies, rather than being our informed choice to have the
vaccine. So whether you are in favor of voluntary consent of H1N1 vaccine or against the concept of untested

vaccines with sqaulene, 5x the Federal restricted amount of mercury, and thimerosal, the issue is the government

forcing our healthcare workers to take multiple flu shots or get fired.


1) RSVP and Attend the rally in the State


2) Melt Governor Paterson's Switchboard:

David A. Paterson 518-474-8390

3) Sign the Petition:


4) Join the NY Vaccine Forum:

5) Get informed.

6) Print and pass the attached flyer to health care workers in your local area.

For freedom,
Steven Vasquez
Interim NY State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

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