Saturday, September 26, 2009

The BlackList-Back Cover

What would you say
if you lost someone
you love...

Then you found out there was a
proven cure - That doctors were forbidden to tell you about?
  • Total remission for half of all cancer patients page 17
  • Get off insulin in six weeks and control your blood sugar for life page 29
  • The one-stop solution to nearly every heart problem page 37
  • Beyond painkillers: a real answer to arthritis page 51
  • 100% success in treating cataracts page 63
  • You can fix 12 years of memory loss and stop alzheimers dead in it's tracks page 45
  • Worst Leukemia victim in 20 years gets well page 81
  • The "missing link" in your energy level page 75
  • Get rid of your allergies for good! page 93
...Are you ready to find out?

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