Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Blacklist Pt 10

Chapter Eleven

The "missing link" in
your energy level a rare nutrient now available in supplement
form for the first time
The only "drawback" might be too much energy...
but you can always cut back on this food!
P.S. It's good for your heart, too.
If you want a rocket to take off, it makes sense to fill it with rocket fuel, don't you think? You don't pull up to a gas station and fill it with unleaded regular.
Your body's rocket fuel is a substance called ATP, an enzyme inside each and every cell that makes it go. If you want to boost your energy at the cellular level, you've got to get your ATP levels up.
The real reason you fell tired all the time
The problem is, it's not easy to boost your ATP. Our bodies make ATP in a complex, multi-step process that just plain fails to work in many of us. ATP levels can fall as we get older of if we suffer from heart disease, fibromyalgia or a whole range of other conditions.
One of the body's critical building blocks for ATP is a certain rare type of sugar.
This sugar is not the stuff on your table, much less the corn-syrup junk that corporate food giants put in sodas and other processed foods (with our government's blessing.) What's more, this type of sugar does no harm to diabetics. In fact...
The sugar you need is not found in any food!
Your body has to make its own.
The sugar your body needs is called ribose. Your body can make ribose naturally, but it takes several enzymes, and those enzymes are lacking in your heart and muscle cells.
Worse yet, no foods contain ribose in any substantial amounts. But when our hearts or muscles are exhausted, they need ribose to make ATP. I'd call that a problem. No wonder so many of us are tired all the time!
Another Health Sciences Institute "first"
Now there's an answer--from Hyla Cass, an M.D. who serves on our distinguished Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel.
At HSI we're so used to high-powered doctors and scientists that we get a little blase about them--but not about Dr. Cass!
She's a former Assistant Clinical Professor at the world-renowned UCLA School of Medicine. She's also written a shelf-full of books such as 8 weeks to Vibrant Health: A Woman's Take-Charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy and Restore Well-Being.
I guess she follows her own energy advice because she's a one-woman ball of fire! Somehow she finds time for charitable work with Vitamin Relief USA, a nonprofit group that provides daily supplement to children in need.

Get your energy answer
from an energy expert

Dr.Cass is a renowned national authority on energy and chronic fatigue. She's always on the lookout for ways to tackle this hard-to-treat problem, so she was really excited when she came across the new discovery.
This breakthrough is actually in the manufacturing process. This is a case of high tech working hand in hand with natural medicine. You see, even though ribose is seldom found in food, supplement makers can synthesize it in a lab--but only at very great expense.

Until now, that is. The new discovery makes it possible to manufacture ribose inexpensively. Anyone who needs a lift can afford it.
The new supplement is chemically identical to the ribose your own body makes. And early results show the supplement can work virtual miracles--even in the hardest cases of fatigue.

Wipe out pain and fatigue in two weeks
The hardest caes of chronic pain are caused by fibromyalgia--a form of chronic fatigue and pain that has scientists totally stumped. No one knows what causes it, but it can reduce vibrant young people to near-invalids who can't climb a flight of stairs.
Dr. Cass relates the story of Kris, a veterinary surgeon and researcher at a major university. At age 37, this accomplished woman had to give up her work after fibromyalgia hit her. The disease had ruined her life.
But then a wonderful thing happened...
Kris started supplementing with ribose and felt better within ONE WEEK. And within six weeks she was close to feeling like her old self again. But the real proof is what happened when she stopped taking ribose. She quickly became debilitated again, lost all the function she had regained and the pain returned too. That's until Kris returned to...
Nature's astonishing "Miracle Sugar"
Dr. Cass also reports amazing results in people with heart problems. Extra ribose can offset the energy drain that often goes along with congestive heart failure, artery disease and related heart conditions.
What's more, it's not just a matter of relieving fatigue. The new supplement may actually help reverse heart disease, because low ATP and ribose can starve the heart of oxygen.
Can healthy folks benefit form ribose supplements? Absolutely Dr. Cass says athletes can take up to 5 grams to supercharge their workouts. That's about one teaspoon. Even couch potatoes can benefit from low doses of ribose.
And how about safety?

You'll be happy to know you can mix ribose safely with any medication. Thousands of patients have taken it. There are no side-effects even at 60 grams (a whopping 60,000 milligrams) a day. And that's twelve times the recommended supplement of five grams per day.
Think about it. Your body makes ribose naturally and it works with your body's own chemistry. What harm can the supplement possibly do? The jackbooted thugs at the FDA will have a hard time coming up with scare stories about this one.

Okay, there may be ONE side effect...
Dr. Cass says, "The only warning I give patients is that it may cause over-stimulation if taken too close to bedtime. In that case, I recommend that they take it earlier in the day."
If you want more energy, I bet that's a chance you're willing to take!
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